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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Dream Kei Van

A poster at GMInsidenews pointed out that I must have had a hand in this aftermarket creation. Well, I couldn't agree more - I sure would buy one if I still lived in Japan. Thanks to Winding Road for the find!

Its a Suzuki Every Wagon that’s been customized by Japanese stylists DAMD to look like a shrunken Cadillac Escalade. The name is even kind of catchy: “DAMD Concept B Type 1 Every DA64W.”

The modifications to the exterior of this Japanese-market box are actually pretty minimal, with the most obvious being the insertion of a Caddy-style eggcrate grille between a pair of headlamps that look remarkably Slade-esque (though they’re in fact standard Suzuki pieces). Other external changes include suitably chromed nine-spoke wheels and some additional running-board style side garnishes, and an abbreviated rear bumper cap.

Inside, some upscale-looking perforated hides have been fitted to the seats, as well as some door trim.

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