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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Obscure Trivia of the Day: Daewoo's (and Holden's) first Suzuki Link-Up? The Damas

While reading up / Googling on the Daewoo Damas (a small work van), I discovered that it is actually a 5th gen Suzuki Carry (or based on it and has evolved a bit since then as the "Damas II"). The Damas II has an Liquid Petroleum Gas tank installed from the factory from what I can tell and runs on a very small engine.

In 1985 arrived the 5th generation Suzuki Carry and Every with the same dimensions, technical layout, body styles and engines. A high-roof truck became available, as well as a turbo on the 543 cc engine. By 1990, in Japan the length of the van and truck (pickup no longer available) became 329.5 cm and 324 cm respectively and the engine grew to 657 cc. In the export the vehicle (panel van available) was known as Suzuki SK 408 (797 cc) and Suzuki SK 410 (970 cc), also as Suzuki Carry and Suzuki Super Carry; in Britain as Bedford Rascal since April 1986, by June, 1990 as Vauxhall Rascal, in Southern Europe as GME Rascal, in Australia as Holden Scurry.
In Korea it is built as Daewoo Labo (truck) and Daewoo Damas (van and minibus, with smoothened front wheel opening); in Taiwan as Ford Pronto. In Colombia it was known as Chevrolet Super Carry.

This might be the only vehicle in the world that was sold as a Chevrolet as well as a Ford, be it in distant parts of the world.

In China, this generation is known as Anhui CH, Changhe CH, Hanjiang SFJ, Songhuajiang HFJ, Kaixuan NJD (both also as a 4-door double cab truck) with various digits behind. One of the Chinese 2-door trucks with a wheelbase of 200 cm is currently sold as Chatenet Yack in France with a diesel engine from Portugal. The FAW Jiefang CA6350 minibus has a different body, a wheelbase of 194 cm, a length of 349 cm, and a width of 144.5 cm, engines 1.0 and 1.1 litre. The Anhui Fc1608 truck has another body with a wheelbase of 220 cm, a length of 380 cm and a width of 148 cm. This 5th generation Carry would remain available in the export until the arrival of the 7th generation in early 1999.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Daewoo Damas Manufacturer: GM Daewoo
Production: 1991–present
Drivetrain: MR layout
Class: Van
The Daewoo Damas is a small van produced in South Korea by GM Daewoo. It has been produced since 1995, and is currently in its second generation. There is also a pickup truck version, called the Daewoo Labo. In some export markets, the Daewoo Damas was known as the Daewoo Attivo, and since GM's takeover of Daewoo, it has been known in some markets, such as Central America, as the Chevrolet CMV for the passenger van and Chevrolet CMP for the pick up truck.

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