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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Buick Fans in North America Demand New Chinese Park Avenue

Once the Chinese Park Avenue debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show 2007, it was only a matter of time before word, and plenty of photos, made their way around the world. This is the age of the Internet, after all. GM can't just launch a new vehicle in secret and hope no one over here in America will notice that Buick in China is getting vastly better-looking cars than the frumpy U.S. market LaCrosse and boring, if not as ugly Lucerne. GM Execs would no doubt point to the elegant Enclave, but even the Enclave looks like just another me-too GM crossover for upper middle class soccer moms when compared to the luxury of the Chinese Park Avenue.

GM Fans have raised a ruckus about the virtual dead silence from Rick Wagoner, Ed Welburn, and Bob Lutz regarding the almost stealth introduction of the Park Avenue in China. Their comments can be seen by the HUNDREDS at:

GM Inside News forums HERE and HERE - where the outrage and demands began.

A Poll over at the Jalopnik Car Blog HERE - where thousands of votes were cast and the overwhelming majority of support was for GM to bring the Park Avenue here

The GM Fast Lane Blog HERE where a post about Chevy's minicars was hijacked - see the posts about mid-way down.

Take a look at the photos of the Park Avenue and its no wonder that GM fans in North America feel angry and confused. China was once a market of GM leftovers like old Chevy Blazers long past their prime. Now it seems the reverse, where Buick in America gets such "stunners" as the Terraza minivan with a whale-mouth grille of black plastic and unattractive body lines, while China gets the GL8 with projector-style headlamps or the Chinese LaCrosse that looks nothing like the 1996 Riviera-inspired American version.

Buick fans have every right to be mad, and I hope they continue to take their case to Wagoner and Co. , and don't allow this car to be ignored, explained away, or forgotten by the big wigs in Michigan's headquarters. The American Buick fans still left to the withering brand deserve better.

For now, expect this trend to continue:

Buick of North America slides, as Shanghai GM's fortunes rise...perhaps this is the way that Bob and Rick want it? "Buickman" seems to think so, see:

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  • At 17 April, 2007 20:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mum's the word so far from the big executives in Michigan. Park Avenue? What Park Avenue?


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