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This is where you'll find news, random car-related thoughts and personal views from a rabid car nut. "Amanojaku" is Japanese slang that means "person who is deliberately contradictory". I've always found myself drawn to the less appreciated car makes - the "underdogs" if you will. Suzuki, Pontiac, GM Daewoo and Holden, are among my favorite brands to watch and comment on. Let me hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Forenza Wagon Incentives Jump to $1000 from $500 Cash Back

Checking out Suzuki's Website (as I do weekly) I was pleasantly surprised to see another 500 bucks on the hood of the Forenza Wagon. This makes the deal sweeter, but I'm still waiting to pay my Safari off in a couple of months before going out and buying one.

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