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This is where you'll find news, random car-related thoughts and personal views from a rabid car nut. "Amanojaku" is Japanese slang that means "person who is deliberately contradictory". I've always found myself drawn to the less appreciated car makes - the "underdogs" if you will. Suzuki, Pontiac, GM Daewoo and Holden, are among my favorite brands to watch and comment on. Let me hear your thoughts!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Suzukiphile August Wrap Up

Since I don't really use this Blog much anymore, but people still ping me about it, I thought I'd link to what I am doing over at, which also includes some GM, Daewoo, and other related stories that I could have just as well posted here.  So rather than every post from August, I chose the more general ones and not only Suzuki specific.  Not sure if I'll be back here regularly, so if you don't see more posts on this blog, just head over to Suzukiphile where I try to have something interesting posted every day.

GM and Other U.S.-based Automakers Already Average 35mpg...In Europe

Detroit's Profit Gap with Japanese Automakers Reportedly $3,814 per Vehicle

Suzuki Reno Review - Reno vs. Forenza

Small Cars Back In Style as Big, Truckish Vehicles Founder

Suzuki Verona: Get a Used One, It's a Steal for a Roomy, Entry-Lux Sedan

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