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Friday, May 11, 2007

Bob Lutz Discusses Park Avenue! "Ming" & GMInsidenews Make National TV!

Many thanks to John McElroy of Autoline Detroit!

Wow. Watch as Mr. Bob Lutz gives a great, lengthy response to my question on the Park Avenue and hints at a "Return to true Luxury" for Buick. Download the video HERE!, about 14:45 minutes in. - Ming

Quote: "We are studying the low volume import (of the Park Avenue)....and reestablish the Buick Flagship. It would return Buick truly to the Luxury Class."

Also note that the Chinese SLS is mentioned by Matt Delorenzo of Road and Track. And Bob Lutz mentions his future with GM. Bob also did not gush about the Super Buicks. He was very straightforward and didn't spin at all. It was an interview well worth the wait, I think!

According to John McElroy's opening this week, Autoline Detroit's Server crashed last week under the load of all of the people going to see the "Extra" video clip that did not end up including Bob Lutz' comments on the Park Avenue. But the guys at Blue Sky Productions more than made up for that by broadcasting the show live, mentioning GMInsideNews (and my screen-name) to anyone with the Speed TV cable channel nationwide!

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