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Friday, May 04, 2007

Bob Lutz Replies to my Park Avenue Question on Autoline Detroit "Extra"

A couple of days ago I sent viewer mail to Autoline Detroit, a TV show that I have permanently Tivo'd on the Speed Channel. Thanks to John McElroy, my question directed to Mr. Lutz was asked during his interview!  I originally posted this at, and Autoblog later picked it up.

Reply from John McElroy of Autoline Detroit TV:

I got to ask Mr. Lutz your question, but it will be in the “Extra” section that we post on our website, not in the broadcast version.

Link to the "Extra" section (Internet Broadcast):


Question that I sent (note I tried to avoid getting a stock "we can't discuss future product" answer):

From: ****** to avoid spam mail)
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 6:10 PM
Subject: A Question to ask Mr. Lutz if you will

Mr. McElroy,

As of now there are 527 Replies and 31,801( ! ) views on the Chinese Park Avenue thread at this GM enthusiast forum:

Please ask Mr. Lutz his straight opinion (even if he can't tell us when or if it is coming to the USA) on this car that was recently shown at the Shanghai Auto Show. We just want to hear what he thinks of it, and what he thinks of the lackluster reaction to the "Super" LaCrosse and Lucerne models by comparison.


- "Ming" Staff Member of

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